Quality Statement

Te Tomika Trust shall strive to maintain a consistently high level of reliable and efficient Kaupapa Maori services that are aimed at improving the overall health and wellbeing of everyone engaged in our service and in compliance with all contract and all legislative requirements.

The staff of Te Tomika Trust are aware of the need for the consistent delivery of quality services to achieve customer satisfaction and build long term stakeholder relationships.

In addition, new staff shall be informed about the Quality Policy during orientation and associated Quality Management System and by accepting employment at the Trust, agree to participate.


Quality Commitment

Te Tomika Trust shall allocate appropriate facilities and resources to ensure that the quality of care and support is achieved through compliance with agreed specifications.  The organisation shall strive for a high level of customer satisfaction and ensure the comfort, safety and wellbeing of whaiora engaged in our service.

To ensure Te Tomika Trust’s quality objectives are achieved and maintained, the organisation has adopted the following strategy:

a)     Implementation of a Quality Management System based on ISO9001;

b)    Monitoring of customer feedback to obtain a measure of the effectiveness of the Quality Policy.

c)     Ongoing evaluation of systems and the Quality Policy to ensure the achievement of a consistent quality care and support service that satisfies the consumer’s changing requirements.

d)    Regular reviewing of contracts to ensure continuation of services.

Carol Ririnui

General Manager MBA